Monday, March 23, 2009

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Read the Subject Line.

This Post is All About Rick.

So one of my favorite people on Earth is my co-worker and wonderful friend, Rick. Well, Rick was diagonosed with cancer (cancer is stupid, and it makes me mad, too) a couple of months back. Well, good ol' Rick had his successful surgery this week, and I see that he has been a visitor to Mandyland.

So, in true Mandyland style, I googled "Rick." And here are the results:

Y'know, really, after the first pic, the rest really weren't necessary... "Rick" needs some new major "Google" results.
Oh, and I love ya and am so happy for you! Get well soon!!
(Anyone who's looked at the blog since last night ... I had to take the first picture down. It made me sick everytime I opened the blog...)

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Reason #38 that I am an asshole.

I was driving down Breckenridge St. today and hit a stoplight. I glanced to my left and saw a big group of men waiting to cross the road. They were kind of scary looking, and one was rocking back and forth.

I immediately hit my locks on my door as they began to cross the street in front of me.

Holding on to a rope.

Like kindergarteners on a field trip.

And I realized they were all mentally disabled.

And then I realized that I am an asshole for locking my doors.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

This is why I don't have tattoos.

Here's a Fun Tuesday Press Release I Received in My In Box.




Los Angeles, CA - After years of dismissing the story as false, Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis has confirmed that the story of mankind's origins involving an alien overlord named Xenu is indeed authentic Scientology teaching.

In the exclusive interview with KESQ News Channel 3 reporter[1], Nathan Baca, Scientology spokesman Tommy Davis was asked about the story of Xenu, known to senior Scientologists as part of "Operating Thetan Level III", or "OT III" for short. Davis denied the story at first (as he has done in the past), stating that these were claims "forwarded by anti-Scientologists."

When Baca began reading from a book written by Scientology founder L. Ron Hubbard that mentions the Xenu story, Davis became defensive, admitting that the story is indeed authentic, but confidential. He then accused Nathan Baca of religious hate, saying that a non-Scientologist asking about Scientology's core beliefs is an "offensive concept", and that Baca was "just forwarding an agenda of hate."

Tommy Davis previously denied the Xenu story, asking CNN reporter John Roberts if it "sounded ridiculous" and saying the story was "unrecognisable" to him[3]. The Xenu story has also been denied by actor Tom Cruise and other famous Scientologists [6]. In that same interview with John Roberts, Davis claimed that anti-Scientology protesters known as "Anonymous" had sent death threats and bomb threats to Scientology "orgs" around the world. When Roberts revealed that the FBI had told CNN that they had no reason to believe Anonymous was responsible for the alleged threats, Mr. Davis stuttered, and claimed that the alleged threats were being investigated by local law enforcement.

The organization is well-known for aggressive public relations and media handling tactics, such as claiming threats of violence against itself. New York journalist, Paulette Cooper, the author of the famous critical book "The Scandal of Scientology", was framed for making bomb threats by Scientology in the 1970's. "Operation Freakout" was revealed by the FBI after raids on Scientology headquarters in Washington and Los Angeles in which were seized detailed plans for the false bomb threats. In 2007, the Church of Scientology in the UK alleged that the BBC sent "terrorist death threats" to the organization[5].

A leaked recording exists of Hubbard giving a lecture[2] on OT III, as well as a hand-written document summarizing the Xenu story written in Hubbard's own handwriting[4]. Hubbard instructed his followers not to mention OT III to any non-Scientologist and Scientologists who themselves have not reached the level, ostensibly because Hubbard wrote that people are liable to fall victim to pneumonia and die if exposed to the Xenu story before they have completed the preparatory steps in Scientology. Scientologists pay up to $350,000 to reach OT III. Those that reach OT III are required to have a safe in their home and to transport the OT III materials in a locked briefcase [7].

About Anonymous

Anonymous is a collective of like-minded individuals that are currently protesting the abuses of the Scientology Organization. For more information, please visit these sites:

For a summary of the OT III story, check out the Complete OT III Class VIII transcript package:

[1] KESQ News Interview:
[2] L Ron Hubbard Audio recording of OTIII (Xenu Story):
[3] CNN Interview with Davis on May 8th:
[4] OT III documents:
[5] BBC Editor Blogs About Scientology:


Now, we all know that man comes from the alien overlord Xenu (really, what a DUH! statement in this press release) but I had no idea I have to shell out $350 K to reach OT III. I better get that second mortgage on my house soon since I'm an OT I right now and am working hard to reach that next level.

Monday, March 16, 2009

I am home...

... and I seriously slept ALL weekend. Now I have a bazillion errands to run and am instead sitting in my jammies watching Maury on the TV. There's a shocker, I know...

Here's a cool video of the fountains at the Bellagio:

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Remember that one, time in Vegas? ...

Yeah, me neither. I have the Flip this time, though, so I can record shit for prosperity (and to make sure I behave myself. Most of the time. Some of the time. OK, occasionally). I leave tomorrow at about 2 pm and get back on Friday at about 5 pm and then hopefully this shit storm that is my life will chill out.

Oh, here's what you find when you google "shit storm":

Suddenly, my shit storm doesn't seem so bad...

Seriously, I am so exhausted I can barely see straight (and no, asstards, it is not due to the copious amounts of vodka I usually consume).

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Well, shit.

OK, so my month o' March has been full o' fail. I found out that my dad has cancer, I need glasses for reading and computer work (STFU, I look smart) and I am spending the majority of the month traveling for work.

I took a Web cam pic of myself tonight, and to be honest ... I look like I've been beat...

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


Happy St. Amanda's Day. If you google it, you find Josh's ass drinking his first lemon drop and loving it.

But, it's a new year and a new me (not really), so here's a hamster holding a birthday cake in honor of my birthday:

Christ, people. It's a hamster. With a birthday cake. What more do you want?

So here's my evening so far:

* Left work at 2:30

* Got gas

* Went to the bank to get cash

* Got the mail

* Finished packing for tomorrow's bangin' trip to Portland

* Drank a glass of wine out of Orthodontics mug -- don't judge -- and bought smutty McSmut book on Amazon Kindle for trip

* Ate take-out sandwich from Jersey Mike's with sea salt and vinegar chips as birthday dinner. WTF.

* Opened gifts from Boo and Bill (new black Crocs, iPod Touch and Starbucks gift card & mug)

* Went sans bra in jammies to get cookie dough Blizzard at Dairy Queen fundraiser for Boo's elementary school

* Charged iPod, laptop and Kindle

* Packed carryon

* Drank mug of wine out of Tombstone, Arizona mug --don't judge -- featuring Doc Holliday, Wyatt Earp, Virgil Earp and Morgan Earp

* Watched American Idol

Taking my laptop to Portland tomorrow, so I'll hopefully have some good stuff to share.