Sunday, February 11, 2007

Easy Like Sunday Morning...

So apparently I'm on a yellow kick. I had lemon martinis last night, which made me bug the crap out of Bill for this all evening:

I promised many, many things to get this ring. Alas, my tactics did not work. I promised to give up wine and Weight Watchers (40 bucks a month!), and I promised pleasurable things for my husband for a year. I said it would be my Valentine's Day present, my birthday present, Flag Day, Yom Kippur, Memorial Day, Christmas ... everything. And to no avail.

So if there are any sugardaddies out there with a little extra scratch on your hands, feel free to send it to me. The company has free FedEx right now.


On another topic, I need to get back on the WW wagon, which left the station about a week and a half ago. Starting today, I'm jumping back on. Wish me luck. This is mostly because I'm out of wine AND vodka to make martinis, so I might as well start over again. It's not as noble as it sounds.