Saturday, June 30, 2007

I figured it out! I know what causes the ebola rash!

Off and on for months I've had a rash on my hip and the inside of my right arm pit. I finally figured it out!! I'm allergic to ...

tomato juice.

This came about right after I discovered Bloody Marys. I loved up on 'em real good for a while, then laid off. The rash coincided with that!

I bought some V-8 juice last weekend and drank 8 oz. every day for the past week with my breakfast. Alas, I broke out again.

Who knew! My first food allergy! I'm such a big girl now. Yippie kay aye.

I still friggin' itch...


Took BooBerry to see Ratatouille yesterday. As it is with any Pixar film, the theater was about half kiddos and half adults sans kiddos.

For those who haven't seen it yet - it really isn't a kiddie film. Not that the subject matter is scandalous; rather, I highly doubt most of the little ones in the theater understood the intricacies of restauant-kitchen dos and don'ts (and with the Food Network, Top Chef and Hell's Kitchen, it's become as familiar as our own home kitchens today). Also, much of the cooking humor was lost on them.

BooBerry was antsy 1/2-hour into the movie -- I, of course, made her tough it out 'til the end.

So anyone under, say, 6 -- it'd be better as a rental.

Of all the Pixar movies, the animation was greatest here. One of Pixar's best moves is that the artists don't attempt to make the human characters look, well, human (and anyone who's seen The Polar Express can attest to the fact that humans + computer animation = FREAKY). Rather, Pixar makes them look like caricatures of humans. Thumbs up, guys.

By the way, one of my perennial favorites, Janeane Garofalo, played love interest "Colette" -- I never would have recognized her under that faux French accent. It was so thick you could cut it with a outil.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Why do I keep watching ...

...Pirate Master? Despite the fact that I love love love Survivor (insert little hearts here), this show sucks. Blatantly sucks. Sucks so bad, that every little braid in their hair, every fake accent (WTF, Azmyth? That's not even British. In fact, I'd swear you were invoking Sven Jergen from Minnesota.), every so-easy-even-BooBerry-could-run-it challenge has me screaming at the screen.

And yet, I still turn it on every Thursday night.

And just for the record, I'm rooting for Louie. I know it's been said, but he's a little Rupert.

Thank GOD Big Brother will be sucking all my free time for the rest of the summer starting next week. I was starting to feel cerebral.

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

I somehow find this funny.

Although there's not a lot of meat on Barbie's bones.

(Stolen from a friend. Thanks, Grazer.)

How Dorks Fly Under the Radar...

Like Bill, my brother, Scott, is a certified nerd. Oh, sure, he drives a motorcycle and has a hot job as a business analyst. But underneath that cool exterior is a card-carrying Dungeons & Dragons-lovin', board game-playin', puppy dog-kissin' dork. Here's further proof of the fact that people THINK he's awesome, despite his feeble attempts to confess otherwise. It's an IM between his friend (who's a girl) and him:

[12:52] J: know any BA's? [Me here -- this is short for Business Analyst.]
[12:52] Scott: not really. all my friends are developers.
[12:52] Scott: they're slowly steering me to their direction
[12:53] Scott: i'm too nerdy to be a BA
[13:01] J: Oh yeah, I need the url for your fileshare with all the music. I seem to have lost it.
[13:02] J: speaking of nerdy. But you don't listen to nerdy music. and your funny. and social. and you really arent' into self-loathing.
[13:02] J: you're funny
[13:03] Scott: But I play world of warcraft and I get depressed when someone outrolls me on my loot. Like just last night the shard of the virtuous dropped and it's like the best healing mace in the game and this druid rolled on it too and won and like I was so sad.
[13:04] Scott: *crickets*
[13:04] Scott: heh
[13:04] J: you made that shit up. you were riding your bike, drinking and/or making beer and having sex with your girlfriend.

Nuh uh. I can totally validate that THIS is the real Scott, J.

My new favorite wine ...

... is Daniel Schuster Sauvignon Blanc. We had it at dinner a few weeks ago at Limestone and it was fabulous with my seafood crepes, corn chowder and haliibut. I shared the bottle with Aunt Bettie, of course, but it was marvelous!

Unfortunately, no one around here carries it, and I can't have it shipped to the house (stupid laws). But I think I can have it shipped to Mom's or Scott's house ...

Saturday, June 23, 2007

Our trip to NYC.

Bill and I went to NYC for work, and as usual I was able to mix in some playtime as well.

Of course, our 7:05 a.m. flight out of Louisville was freakin' CANCELLED due to weather (apparently if there's weather in Abu Dhabi it affects flight patterns in the US, plus we've had clear skies for weeks in The Ville). So we were put on the "next available flight" which, of course, left at noon AND had a stupid layover in Charlotte. So we went ahead and checked our luggage and then our photographer and Bill & I went to Cracker Barrel for breakfast ( breakfast). We then went back and sat there for three hours (lame, but we DID see a bunch of male strippers exiting our plane before we boarded. Which MIGHT explain the smell of baby oil, pleather and hair gel) and we finally boarded. We left, and sat on the runway in Louisville for about 20 minutes. Had to RUN RUN RUN RUN (*stops to take asthma inhaler*) from the E concourse to the D concourse in Charlotte and managed to run onto the plane as it was boarded.

Then we sat at the gate for an hour and a half. I kid you not. Effing AIR TRAFFIC. We were supposed to get to LaGuardia at 9:15 a.m. Instead, we got there at 5 p.m. I missed my 1 p.m. interview, so we went right to the meeting, luggage at all.

Finally, we got to the hotel at about 8:30 p.m. We stayed at the Hotel on Rivington: ( It was AWESOME. We had a corner room, floor to ceiling windows. AND, the shower is glass. I mean, ALL GLASS. I showered in the dark. It was so freaky.

Our room. You can see our photographer, Rick, on the balcony. His room had a FIVE FOOT bath tub.

The view from our bed. I thought Bill might cry.

We had to go to Brooklyn for another interview on Thursday, then just shopped in SoHo until it was time to go see WICKED. We ate at the Hakata Grill in Midtown (sushi, sashimi and sake!! YUMMMM!!) for dinner before the show, and I met my cousin, Michelle, and her boyfriend, Riker, there. For reference, Bill & I EACH ordered the $32 theater menu (I don't know what we were thinking either. Shut up.) and it included EACH: miso soup, choice of ahi tuna poke or citrus soy salmon tartar, choice of Shrimp Shui Mai or Pork Gyoza, choice of an entree (I got the sashimi and Bill had the sushi -- all together it was 29 pieces of fish/sushi!!!) and green tea ice cream each. Perfect! Michelle and Riker took home about half of it -- it was simply too much goodness.

Wicked was AMAZING. We were in row E seats 103-104 which were center orchestra. I loved it (but not as much as RENT [an aside here: if I were one of those Make-A-Wish kids, my "wish" would be to perform in a musical. Hell, I'd be happy in the chorus]) and Bill thought it was the best of the ones he's seen.

Friday, we ate breakfast at the Clinton Street Baking Co. ( and went to Times Square so I could go to Steve & Barry's to snag some of Sarah Jessica Parker's new Bitten line. Then we walked down to Bryant Park because there was a bakery nearby I saw Jennifer Garner or some other star come out of in a magazine once.

Cupcakes I brought home for my parents and BooBerry from CRUMBS.

Bryant Park. WTF do these people DO all day?

I love the city, but here are some points I noticed on THIS particular trip:

* The people here are INFINITELY COOL at all times of the day. Walking their dogs in the AM. Partying with friends until 2 a.m. Who knew a fuschia skirt and a kelly green shirt with red Converse Chucks and a black pageboy cap could look so FREAKING good together? Coolness oozes from every crack on the sidewalk. It permeates the air. I hate them and love them at the same time. I envy their ease from afar.

* Even the KIDS are cool. I saw this kid walking down the street with his mother and he had on a blue and pink striped polo shirt with the collar turned up, light blue cord shorts perfectly frayed at the ends and a 'fro of curly hair, and even HE was cooler than I am. And he was THREE.

* No one cooks. Everyone eats out. But no one is FAT. How's THAT possible? Perhaps because they walk everywhere? Or there's so much pressure to be thin and beautiful and aloof and cool?

* I hate Times Square. It's too freaking crowded. There's nowhere to move. You can't breathe. The heaviness of the people and the buildings presses down on you until you want to scream. Or maybe I'm just jaded after multiple trips to the city.

* Sake is good. Very good. Yum. Sake.

* I saw only ONE PAIR OF CROCS the entire time we were in the city. One pair. And that guy was obviously from Kansas or somewhere. I'm glad I opted NOT to wear any of the eight pair I own even though my dogs were killing me.

I'm sure I'll post more Nowhere thoughts on our trip. For now, I'm just too damned tired.

Monday, June 18, 2007

My New Favorite Show.

Until Big Brother 8 starts, I'm officially declaring this my show of the summer:

The Cartoon Network's FOSTER'S HOME FOR IMAGINARY FRIENDS. It's frickin' hilarious.

Check it out!


...really suck. I mean, what's a girl gotta do to keep these damn things on? I went Thursday and had an adjustment. Two days and lots of pain later, the one they'd just repaired is loose again. The damn things make me want to rip out all my teeth together and screw the $5,000 I've already paid.