Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Idol Gives Back...


I'm totally down with what the folks at Fox are trying to do (props to Jack Black and Seal for their little ditty...) but, ummm...

Did anyone else mistake Teri Hatcher for Marilyn Manson? I'll admit I caught her out of the corner of my eye, but at closer inspection, the white face, the dark hair, the plumped lips ...

I'm just sayin' ...

Carrie Underwood's song and clips were gorgeous. I had tears in my eyes.

Lots of News...

A) BooBerry and I leave tomorrow for the wedding in Tucson. It's being held at a ranch. What does one wear to a ranch wedding?
If you're BooBerry, a satin and chiffon cream-colored skirt with a denim waistband, a cream colored sleeveless button down shift with a satin sash.

Yeah, I know. It's hard to visualize. Work with me here, people...

B) BooBerry moved up into the pre-kindergarten class yesterday. She proudly tells anyone who will listen (including her gymnastics coach, the pizza guy at Papa Murphy's, the SuperBus busdriver, etc.) that "I'm a pre-K girl now! Because I'm smart!" Guess telling her we're proud of her for the early move MIGHT have given her a big head.

C) Going BACK on a diet. When I get BACK from Tucson. In which I will promptly fall off of in about three weeks time... Hey. I'm just saving myself some blog space by pointing that out now rather than in three weeks.

D) Joined a new group of DIS buds on the nothingness thread. Let's see if they really WILL remember me next week...

E) Wrote THREE articles in FOUR days, which has to be a record for me. They're probably all crap, but we'll see what happens when they go through production.

F) STILL suffering from the EBOLA rash, or whatever it is I have. It's on my right arm, my right hip, my left upper thigh and my ankles. I'm on my second round of antibiotics and I went to the doctor yesterday. She classifies it as "contact dermatitis," and it probably stems from the change in laundry detergent I made a month ago. Do I know what got washed in that crappy generic stuff (side note: just because COSTCO calls their brand of free and clear detergent "Free and Clear" does NOT mean it is the same as TIDE FREE AND CLEAR, which is apparently all I am supposed to use now. Forget the fact that I'll have to MORTGAGE my second house just to pay for the darn stuff)? No I do not. So I have to "cycle through all the stuff and rewash it.

OK. I have a WALK-IN closet the size of a small bathroom. How the HELL am I supposed to rewash everything in there? Not to mention the fact that I hang dry all my clothing. T-shirts and all. (Shut up. It keeps them nice.).

Guess I'm doomed to itch for a while.

G) AND FINALLY ... Two songs you MUST download for your iTunes. Today.
1) Kelly Clarkson: Never Again. ANGRY ROCKER CHICKS, AHOY!
2) Maroon 5: Makes Me Wonder. Sooooo funky. Makes me want a mojito and a dance floor.


Saturday, April 14, 2007


Why didn't anyone tell me how good Bloody Marys are? I'm giving some props to Mr. & Mrs. T's Bold & Spicy mix. YUM!

Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Woo hoo!

So we're having a pretty good week ...

1) Bill got a promotion and a 8% raise. Well deserved, as he's a top producer and pretty cute to boot. I'm so proud...

2) Our celebratory dinner at The Macaroni Grill was comped!! Of course, we sat there for nearly 40 minutes before we got our food. They brought out BooBerry's pizza and it was cold and congealed by the time OUR food actually made it to the table. The manager could tell we were NOT happy...both of us ordered pasta. It's not brain surgery, people. Boil and serve. Boil and serve.

3) The raise gave BooBerry the opportunity to go to Arizona with me to my great aunt's wedding. (So get this -- she's in her 70s and marrying a man she met on the Internet who lives SIX MILES from her. How progressive is THAT?)

4) We booked our trip to Walt Disney World for Sept. and got FREE dining!! That saved $623!! SWEET.

5) Here's a shout out to my girl, Jordin Sparks, who can sing ANYTHING. Sanjaya, you're going DOWN, bro! (Although, this was a REALLY good week for the manchild. Pretty sexy song.)

6) Leaving for Philly at 8:35 a.m. tomorrow morning for ONE night. Finally going to see if I can carry on my liquids successfully. Of course, it's ONLY one night.

7) The Tucson has a name. Bella calls it "Zoe." My co-worker and buddy, Rick, gave me a personalized license plate with Zoe on it. Too funny.

And now, a downer ...

I have the RASH FROM HELL. Seriously. It's like shingles or the measles or something -- I'm waking up in the middle of the might scratching my arm to hell and back. I FINALLY broke down and called the doctor who gave me a steriod -- probably only because I am leaving for Philly. Jeez. I ITCH ALL OVER. ALL over. This is insane.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007


STOP voting for SANJAYA. Seriously.


I'm dying. Is it possible to die of a sinus infection? Can a person totally drown in their own bodily fluids? Can one woman single-handedly devoid Wal-Mart of its entire stock of Puffs Plus? Because my head is a total snot factory. Nobody should have this much mucus in their head.

I know. It's a nice visual. Shut up.

So I managed to go this entire season cold-free. As a "spokesperson" for Zicam, that's a good thing, eh? Until I went to Las Vegas. Either some 80-year-old woman on her last disability check gave it to me while I fed 20s into the LIFE penny slot machine (seriously, lady, if you're hacking THAT much, you should probably STOP playing BOTH machines next to me and get some help) or Bill gave it to me AS SOON AS I got home.

Either way, it knocked me for a loop. I finally gave up and called the doctor on Friday, who called me in a 'script. THAT only broke everything up. Now I'm drowning. Ugh...