Thursday, November 12, 2009

Confucius say:

If you not find the book you seek,
You are probably at the…

(Thanks, Bridge!)

Magical Powers Do Not Make You a FREAK.

We're watching a completely horrible movie on the Disney Channel called "The Thirteenth Year." It's about a merman/boy (really, I guess since he's turned 13, he's hit puberty. I wonder, does he whack it a picture of a girl, or an angelfish?) who grows gills and fins and has to hid it from the public.

Bill & BooBerry are in a deep discussion about the fact that if Boo ever gets super powers, she's is to tell us RIGHT AWAY so we can A) become rich & famous or B) rule the world.

Meanwhile, Boo looks over at me and whispers, "Isn't that a dumb idea?"

Then they both look at me expectantly. WTF kind of family argument is THAT? Whose side am I supposed to be on? Seriously. My family needs to get some priorities.

ETA: Now Bill just flew downstairs and said, "I'd be showin' up at SPEEDO yellin, 'I am HERE, BAY-BEE! Forget Michael Phelps! I GOT FINSSSSSSSSSS! The only suit a real swimmer needs!" (He really needs to get a grip and realize these movies are made for 10-year-old kids. They don't have to make sense, honey.)