Sunday, January 28, 2007

Have you ever had a day that ...

made you want to completely lose you shit? As in, one more thing thing will totally push you over the edge? And does it ever make you feel like a bad mom?

I had one of those days today.

I seriously could not wait until Bill took BooBerry away. Anywhere. And during my three hours of "Mommy time," I ate lunch, watched last week's ep of Prison Break and started a new book. Then Bill comes home and says, "I thought you were going to the grocery?"

No on "my" time, buddy.

Every little thing is pissing me off. I don't have any points left, so I can't eat away my stress. It's arctic cold in this friggin' house, my back hurts from playing the stupid Wii, this rug needs to be vacuumed and there's ridge in it that no amount of smoothing will flatten, I really want a glass of wine ... I should probably just go to bed.

Friday, January 26, 2007

On a Friday Morning ...

OK, so I've started Weight Watchers again, dammit. I go to the Thursday night meetings, and I've made myself stay the last two meetings. I weighed in last night, and I was down two pounds, which is kinda disappointing given the fact that I was really good this week. But, working for a food magazine –– albeit the most awesome magazine in the world –– has its downsides. There's ALWAYS food around. We had a photo shoot on Friday at a restaurant, another on Tuesday, and our food stylist came in on Monday and fixed three pizzas, a pasta dish and a lasagna. It's DEADLY 'round these parts.

Walking though our kitchen is kind of like walking through a mine field. There's an antipasto platter ... BLAM! Somebody made a pot of soup beans. KERPLOW! Otis Spunkmayer cookies? POW!

We're going to Proof tonight with Aunt Bettie and Martha, so there's not a chance in hell that I'll be good there. Ugh.

Sunday, January 14, 2007

I'm so embarassed.

I called Toys R Us on Friday and just HAPPENED to stumble upon a Wii for Bill for his birthday. So being that I was at work downtown, I had him drive over and pick it up himself (shut up. If he wanted it that bad, he had to be a team player).

We opened it up on Friday night and after many glasses of Cabernet ... I SO ROCK AT BOWLING! I have the high score of 195. Woo hoo! Tried doing it sober yesterday and couldn't break 180, so the moral of this story is buzzed bowling is better than sober bowling.

Now the downside. I AM SO FRIGGIN' SORE. I feel like I've been doing yardwork for days. My shoulders hurt, my right arm hurts, my neck hurts. I could barely move when I woke up. Ben-Gay anyone? Please?

Of course, I can't tell anyone that I spent five hours playing a Nintendo video gaming system, so I'm just going to lie like a dog and say ... I was exercising. Well, no, I can't say that because A) I don't belong to a gym and B) everybody knows I'm deathly allergic to all forms of physical activity. So I'll say I WAS doing yard work. Wait. That won't work EITHER because it's a friggin' MONSOON outside (the yard is currently a soggy messy mess). Cleaning the basement? YES! That will totally work ...

In other news, I get to meet my brother's girlfriend tonight at my parents' house for dinner. She's his first girlfriend ever -- and by that I mean the first girl he ever dated from 10 years ago. Apparently, they've kept in touch over the years and hooked up again a few months ago. Which I think is kinda cool. BooBerry is coming to dinner, of couse, and should cut that funky tension anytime someone new is introduced into the family.

Wednesday, January 3, 2007

The Holidays and other random thoughts I forgot to post

There are plenty of reasons why I love the holidays.

First, there's the opportunity to get stuff. Presents. I love getting them. Bill got me a 1 kt. Circle of Love pendant, a back massager, a cashmere sweater, the new Carl Hiaasen novel, a Starbucks card (which, actually when you think about it makes no sense since it all comes out of the same bank account), and some other stuff I can't remember. My parents bought me more stuff than Blogspot actually gives me room for here (Mom always goes overboard). Highlights include a new Coach purse, pizza screens and the accessories to the bitchin' new comforter set I already bought.
And BooBerry? Well, let's just say the girl did a'ight! Her favorite was the Princess keyboard that her grandmother got her. Well, actually I bought it and gave it to her grandmother to give to her. Stupid me. It has a microphone.

Second, there's the food. There's nothing like sinking your teeth into a two-layered caramel nut goodie (like a double decker brownie with caramel in the middle). My mom makes this cereal nut cruch and always eats so much of it it gives her the Turkish trots. (It's either the spices or the sheer amount she consumes. We don't talk about it.) Bill's mom makes the best Yukon Gold mashed potatoes on the planet. And at Aunt Bettie's, there's always wine, wine and more wine with a side of wine. She kept refilling my glass. My brother got a Breathalyzer for Christmas from my folks (don't ask. In our family, it's a perfectly useful gift). Note to self: DO NOT BLOW into a Breathalyzer follow Christmas lunch at Aunt Bettie's.

Third, there's time off. I love, love, love staying in my pajamas all day, finding out who my baby's daddy is, helping deliver justice in the courts and watching sleazy lawyers duke it out in commercials on daytime television. I love taking at nap from 2-3:30, waking up in time for the next Maury. And yes, BooBery goes to preschool. (Shut up. We have to pay for it anyway.)

On the other hand, not all is merry and bright.
Presents. I hate giving them. I stress and stress and stress over buying the perfect thing for the perfect person. And when I cannot abscond with a Wii to get Bill, I panic and end up buying him stupid things. Like the Bissell Little Green carpet cleaner that's already back on the shelves at Target. And the World of Warcraft T-shirt that's too small for him. Basically, the only thing he liked the was digital photo frame I bought on a total whim.

The food. Holy crap. I gained five-and-a-half pounds. Damn you, delicious caramel nut goodies.

Time off. Because going back to work really, really, really sucks.

BTW: Here's a web site for you.

Also BTW:

Welcome KATELYN JOY! My best friend, Jenny, and her husband, Travis, welcomed an 8 lb., 9 oz. baby girl into this world on December 29, 2006!!! Welcome home, Katelyn.